There's Soul Much To Do Here | 21st August 2011 | 19:53 PDT

One of my favourite areas to dip in and out of within Vancouver, is Granville Island for such a small area packs in a hell of a lot of quality substance within its shoreline, the name has a surprising large amount of history behind it.

Granville, The city originally wanted to call the area 'Industrial Island' but its current name stuck with the local people as it the Granville Street Bridge runs over the area, it's also fitting as well as Vancouver was originally called Granville.

Bridge, boat n that.

Island, is probably the strangest part to understand as it's now a peninsula (due to waterfront development). Its life began as a sand bank when False Creek used to be a lot bigger due to tidal flats, it's potential has always been recognised and though there were attempts in the past were to transform the land it wasn't until the city decided to throw money at it that  it became a profitable area within Vancouver, by dredging out bottom the creek and using that soil to form the island, this gave big ships access into the creek and naturally attracted industries.

Time, war, business changes, money and people all took their toll on the island and it businesses and eventually the once thriving island slowly burnt down, moved elsewhere or simply gave up. It wasn't until the government redeveloped the site as a 'people-friendly' place and because of that, now features a wealth of variety with its shops, galleries, eateries, entertainment, community areas, industry and landmarks that now calls Granville Island, home.

Bridger, boater n thater

In this 32 acre island, you can do things like:
  -  Eat your way around the world through samples.
  -  Watch the many live street performers and musicians.
  -  Learn the latest in art and design at Emily Carr University
  -  Appreciate the art in one of the many galleries and public works.
  -  Take in a show instead at one of 17 theatres.
  -  Sample sake from the Artisan Sake Makers.
  -  Rent kayaks from one of the many hire places
  -  Sample beers from Granville Brewing Company.
  -  Marvel Ocean Constructions a remaining industries from the old days.
  -  Watch comedy at the Improv Centre.
  -  Ignore all that and hit the spa instead.
  -  or try and find the one that gives you a free 20 minute massage.

Consume!! Consume!! Consume!!

That's just a small list of what there is to do there. It's consistently crowded, vibrant and busy, it seems to always be changing and in state of flux yet remaining, calm, composed and serene. Think I probably would've bailed on Vancouver long ago if I didn't have the safe haven of soul to retreat to... and the beaches.

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