Finding Love | 13th August 2011 | 19:35 PDT

I kind of always knew it was there, lurking around in the shadows, shying away from visibility and I always knew I had the ability within me to feel it in all its beautiful glory once it had been coaxed out from its shell.

I never knew that I'd be so unprepared for it... whatsoever, like turning up electrodes to 11 causing a sensational numbing sensation to your skin, a sonic boom of vivid sparkles of crystal cut diamonds to your soul, a vision of thousand suns setting beyond an oceans horizon beneath shooting stars, a giant Acme mallet to all your rational thought along with the flame-thrower to your logical brainwaves.

Whomph, there it goes up in flames! (via

This was purely the amazing love, I've always wanted and dreamt of as a kid and I found it, today of all day

I just really didn't expected it to be in possession of all these weird and wonderful things too, but part of me secretly hoped it did, things like:

Sticker sets, pen stands, binders, dvd racks, picture frames, keyings, batteries, headphones, alarm clocks, torches, tape dispenser, seal felt, washroom signage, balls, tracing spatula, plastic flowers, chicken glasses, bear plates vegetable tea candle, spoon rest, international mug, garden sand, flower bed fence, copper insect repellent, hose trigger nozzle, jumbo decayed log, insect cage, silver cat powder, dog clothing, hamster toilet sheets, driving gloves, brake fluid, in-car bottle and gum holder, window security sheet, bump pads, glue gun, aluminium type, seaweed punch tool, football goal net, valve rubber, reflective bicycle umbrella stand, table leg covers, pench and screwdriver tool belt, drill bits, heart shaped climbing carabiners, thousands of hooks, saw with big teeth, wire net hook holders, snack cod husk, sweet potato jelly, plum mints, ties, socks, pepper bottles, forks of every shape and size, biggest collection of Tupperware I've ever seen, Tokyo metro map, cutting board/magazine holder, bottle opener with steak knife, teapot protector caps, worlds smallest bowls, draw string bags for cans, deodorant for charcoal, miniature straw boots, USB coffee warmer, questionable ornaments for your home, spray can hole puncher, lunch box belts, dry food deodorant packs, make up, children's books with no words, collapsible scoops, mayonnaise supporter, under garment pad for soaking sweat, incontinence pads, bottle hangers, pocket bookcase, shampoo hat, compression bags, duster made of mosquito net cloth for table and dishes, soap holders, blue dye for bath water, ankle and knee pads with putt supports, animal eye masks, neck rests, sponges, orange scented shower clips, hangers, futon beater, tile brushes, closet sheets, luggage scales, folding leisure stool, small item bags, plastic wooden baskets, drawer partitioning, kitchen strainers, portable tea bag holders, suction disks, tissue box holder, motivational bins, stuffed animals, wedding noise makers, children's keg money bank, metal boxes with a picture of a donkey and the words twonkle twonkle little star written next to it, chrome cows, blood slime, novelty sunglasses, glow sticks, ornamental raspberries, Irish princess tiara, throwing tape, karaoke cards, giant party poppers, jigsaw puzzles, dancing robots, wooden cooking toys, tiger hippo figurine, lacrosse sets, rubber powered plane with painted wings, gun that fires a boxing glove, children's casino sets, magic tricks, champagne stacking game, portable golf ball case, fake fishing worms, milk tooth box, birthday cards, see through present wrapping bags, braided flowers, depressing memory boxes, acrylic knitting slubs, flags, liquid paperweight, coconut pie incense and wicker baskets.

I'm still in shock, awe and butterflied about the whole situation, who would've thought my to love be an incredibly lovely $2 store from China called Daiso... but there we are, goes to show you, as a human you can't control your emotions and reactions.

Here's some photos so you can understand why love has hit me so hard...

Quick someone play some bloody holy music!

Mayonnaise supporter
For condiments with low self esteem issues

Had enough of Beggers and their Begetable ways?
Pickle them until you can tolorate them at a later date.

Magnetic Pins
So, you can be a buff as me!

Work gloves for kids
Nice to see that child labour now have some nice new perks
Rubber powered flyer
"Mum, I have to have this right now! You know how much I love painted wings!"
Jumbo decayed wood
Because it's very hard to find wood in nature nowadays

Cigarette pipe
Helps when you're "Getting nervous on your mouth's smell"

Motivational boxes, says "May tomorrow be a wonderful day for you"
But, today will be shit, no doubt

Kitten ornaments
"Oh honey, I've found just the purrfect things for the children this Christmas"

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