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Vancouver's Art Gallery is a place I've been curious to look around but, the ludicrously large price tag to get in meant it was off limits to someone like me so, instead I'd simply scoff at it whenever I pass it, thinking "Well, there's art everywhere, I don't need it to be put in a white room with wooden/concrete floors, for it to be appreciated".

Then I'd sadly walk away, only to become very interested in a paving slabs on the floor and openly applaud it for it's artistic merit towards society. Always thinking in the back of my mind, I wonder what magical "real" pieces of art are housed in that there building... and I sigh sadly...

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Well, today was my lucky day, as my housemate was bored and needed entertainment and was in ownership of a free entry pass to the gallery, horray! I put on my best clothes and waited patiently by the front door for my housemate with a leash in my mouth.

I like visiting art galleries but I usually find them overkill after a while rooms and rooms of the the same monotonous pieces of crap assembled together with some complicated description next to it justifying its existence or a run-of-the-mill picture on canvas, after about 25 minutes of this bombardment of my patience, it mainly results in canvases being wasting on my vision and I stop caring for entirely for them and my mind starts wandering.

Eventually mental shut down occurs and I end up staring at s fire hose for a few hours with drool cascading from my mouth like Niagara Falls creating a mirror pool at my feet. Visitors to the gallery think I am “another piece” of art and they start to gather around me, taking photos and discussing how it's a perfect reflection of “culture, society and youth” until security have the decency to wheel me out the side door and mops up my puddle of mouth water.

It's just so beautiful (via

This was not the case with Vancouver's Art Gallery – it wasn't horrendously huge and full of shit like other galleries, it had a great mix of art work across the board of mediums, from delicate oils, modern plastics, nonsensical sculptures, moving video art, juvenile drawings, photography, old, new, in between old and new and everything on display had plenty of room to breathe that allowed you to group your thoughts and ready yourself for the next piece without feeling like you're in a battery farm for art.

The permanent exhibitions were great but the visiting exhibition which was *breathes* "The Colour of My Dreams, The Surrealist Revolution in Art" - was brilliant, just a constant of weird looking visual feast on canvas without the bullshit that contemporary artists like to throw into the mix when they create something, this was “We dreamt this, and we painted it” - confusingly simple.

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Great gallery, looking forward to going back again – just isn't worth the huge price tag to get through the barriers, thankfully Tuesdays and Thursdays it's “by donation” which essentially means it's free.

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