Deciphering Litter | 18th August 2011 | 18:23 PDT

If you're too much of a cheapskate to use the deposit on your new home to go visit Vancouver's Art Gallery - Vancouver has bit and pieces of metal in nice shapes littering the streets for you to go around and admire, thanks to the Vancouver Biennale, think of it, like a large free art gallery.

If you can't walk, get to Vancouver, like staring at colours, here's a few photos of what these public displays look like:

It is: some sort of house on legs.
It must mean: Travelling and home.

It is: Red men squatting.
It must mean: Monks need to number two, too

It is: giant men receiving an invisible heimlich manoeuvre
It must mean: Even giants need to chew their food properly

It is: A dreidel riding a unicycle
It must mean: Christmas is coming!

It is: A crap looking half-pipe
It must mean: Vancouver riots got their grips on this skatepark

It is: A square on melted legs
It must mean: It's too hot

It is: Big jagged inconvenient mirror
It must mean: You're face is better mangled

It is: A man pointing west
It must mean: Pet Shop Boys are in town

It is: Headless walkers
It must mean: Horseman lost their horses

It is: Shit
It must mean: It's shit

It is: A bunch of metal
It must mean: Fuck all, it's stupid

It is: Two big chairs on a wheel
It must mean: If you sit on them, you will roll off

It is: Blue sperm falling from space
It must mean: Be careful on the streets girls

It is: An unhappy head
It must mean: Headless horsemen haven't found him yet

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