Accidental Evening with The Like Minded | 22nd May 2011 | 23:01 PDT

After a late night and an early morning that contained minimal sleep due to a rather irritating mosquito that felt it was more fun to spend the night dive bombing me and trying to get into my ear than trying to sleep itself. Which of course ended miserably for the mosquito, but the sleepless damage had been done by then.

Most of my day was spent in a limbo purgatory of mindless thought and a sense of being tired, hungry, lost and confused. By about 2pm, and being thoroughly annoyed with my mood. I said to myself, "I must do something!" I rushed to the local subsistence outlet shopped for wings in a can and I inhaled it in the park.

So old, it's full of holes, like doors
I decided to go to the cinema on Montana Ave. called Aero, that has been around since the 1940s and doesn't look like it has changed all that much. The film of choice was 2006 RENAISSANCE - The film is about "It is Paris, 2054: A promising young scientist, Ilona Tasuiev, is abducted, and the massive health and beauty corporation she works for, Avalon, wants her found alive. Disillusioned police captain Karas (Daniel Craig) is put on the assignment, and soon unearths a puzzle of identity theft, drug connections, missing files and a crime committed long ago in the past – 2006" - from the Aero website

This film was a flop, it was visually incredible but insanely difficult to compute (its style was a very harsh, high contrast black and white) the story was very weak and all-seen-before, the action was hard to concentrate on and and music obtrusive and off-the-shelf.

Screens from the film (via
What I hadn't realised when I decided to go was that this was apart of a design film club, called the Art Directors Guild Film Society, where people come together and observe the history one director's style (in this case Christian Volckman) and 4 experts on the matter, in this case 2 film designers and 2 architects come on and talk about the art, design, architecture, future of design, inspiration of past artists and all things creative about the film and everything that is encompasses.

The panel of experts! ohh err!

A very interesting night, listening to the experts and seeing what they have to say and where they see design of buildings going in the future, only annoyance was the audience members clapping like walruses scared of silence, after the film or after anything happened. But, the most annoying thing above everything else, is that the next one of these get togethers is on July 29th and I won't be here!

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