Just Killing Time | 29th May 2011 | 21:56

Today was going to be a memorable day but, it turns out my memorable experience of today doesn't match up to initial memorableness it should've been.

After a long day/night out, my obvious activities to partake in were of course going to be "rest" and "relaxation" luckily these featured fairly high on my list of things to do that day and as it was also a Sunday, those self-missioned tasks I placed upon myself got promoted from "fairly high" to "high. yeah, i'm not going to do anything else today"

Until that was, I receive a lengthy text from a mate wanting to do an exciting outdoorsy type thing and as the weather was spectacularly spectacular, my to-do list was then and thrown out the window (to hilariously, knock someone from their ladder as they're putting, for some odd reason in May, Christmas lights up, only to be left hanging there by a thread of lights)

I was so, very, excited! (via buzzfed.com)

My accepting rsvp text was met with a "Great, just out at the moment but will let you know when I'm on my way later on."

Awesome, a fun spontaneous outdoorsy plan, simply wonderful... oh... hang on "later"

"later" isn't a real time on my watch.
"later" is a night time thing but, that's not internationally known.
"later" is used as the one-after-next on tv... but this isn't tv.
What do I do in the real world?

I can't text her and put a time on it, because that will put stress on both of us to reach that time and if there's traffic etc. It was one of those fluid plans where there is no time that can be associated with the event, it's untimely.

To save me sitting in my cupboard bedroom staring at a white wall waiting for the phone to buzz with "I'm 15 minutes away". I needed to fill this space vacuum of perhaps a infinite amount time while keeping my eye on my phone.

I couldn't go far in case I needed to rush back to my house. This put an imaginary radius around my current location, if I wandered out of this area, I can only imagine, my imaginary ankle bracelet would tip off the imaginary police, who would Chase me down in their imaginary squad cars, find me and fire imaginary bullets at me, put me in imaginary jail and throw away the imaginary key out the imaginary window (to hilariously, knock someone from their imaginary ladder as they're putting, for some odd reason in May, imaginary Christmas lights up, only to be left hanging there by an imaginary thread of lights)

NO! You may not enter the outside world, you! (via elementaryfundraisingideas.com)

So, instead of doing my reworked Sunday to do list and relax, I was in 'I'm expecting someone' mode and I did a number of stupid inane tasks that were very low of my initial list of things to do, like: showering, washing dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping the floor, making the bed, generally tiding up, making a sandwich (though not too big, just in case we eat out or I need to make another one to pass more time)

Eventually, a few hours after the initial text, I got my orders from the event manager...

"Traffic's bad and think its too late to go now"

Wonderful, simply marvellous! Well, least I know that waiting for someone increases your productivity and can exclusively share with you "later" actually means 4 hours.

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