Vegas: Part V | 3rd May 2011 | 15:40 PDT

Monday - May 2nd

The last day. Drove back to LA and stopped off at Barstow for a Taco Bell as that had one of the main plans while the guys were here. It seemed like we got to LAX in record time.

This is misleading as we didn't drive thru the sign
Record was of course ruined by the joys of flying stand-by, their flight was full and there was no space for my friends to get on so they were stranded in LA, no doubt fear and loathing it.

Hours of trying to find a solution, walking around all the terminals talking to all the airlines, looking online for alternative routes via New York, it was hours of agony for them, I stuck around to make sure they could all get home or if something needed to be organised...

4 hours later and the next flight came in... And it had space for them and they all got on, got home safe and they all got upgraded! So not all bad in the end!

I hopped on a city bus (after waiting 45 minutes) and met some French swing dancers en route, who had decided to drop into Santa Monica but had no where to stay and it was getting late (it was about 1030 by this time) and as they'd never been there before, I showed them around all the hotels from the bus until they found a room.

I walked back to the house and proceeded to sleep for a decade.

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