Nothing interesting today | 29th May 2011 | 03:04 PDT

Just coming in from a typical day/night out in Santa Monica that started at 10pm am from casually walking down Palisades park down to the pub to watch the Champions League Final and turning the corner, only to be greeted by a queue of fanatics fans of football trying to get into the pub.

My initial thought was, "urgh tourists in Manchester United football tops" then "urgh, I probably won't get in" - luckily enough, knowing the owner and a few people inside, I managed to get the best seat in the house but that came for a price for about an hour of the match, I was squashed between a tall skinny old-boy and this 10 ton, 10 feet wide guy, his belly was so big, he would've fallen forward without using me as a prop to lean on.

Like this, but the one of them would overflow out the can (via
With that enjoy the team I was rooting for lost, so I left - good times.

So, with that I had a few hours to spare until my next appointment, so I grabbed some high-brow reading material, well found on a bench, Life magazine and read it in the sun with a cupcake and coffee then, I headed to the beach for a quick blast singing and juggling before taking on an epic journey down south to The 18th street art center

Something not to dissimilar to this (via
New exhibit and a bit of a culture clash of art-head from Istanbul and Los Angeles called the "Los Angeles- Istanbul Connection" to create some really lovely, inspirational pieces that changed my total outlook on life and perspective on a wide range of complex subjects that can never be described in word and only through the various imaginative mediums these artists chose to use.

Probably, I was too busy sampling the free booze surrounded by large canvas silhouettes, wicker lights and plastic birds. Talking to people, until some god-awful white-noise art band decided to use enough decibels of screaming and weird noises that could resurrect an angered zombie mammoth to go on a rampage and destroy half of Seattle.

OM NOM NOM!! (via
That's also when I left, to go to end my night. Headed up the road to a sports bar to meet up with an old school friend where many drinks, games, laughing, drink ensued until kick out time at 2am, I took a long refreshing walk back home, talking to other late night revellers on the streets and seeing where they'd been.


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