Vegas: Part I | 3rd May 2011 | 14:22 PDT

Now back in the homeshire sitting on the beach over looking the Pacific with the sunshine on my face, (it feels weird thinking as this place as home now, when I've only been here 3 weeks, but there we are...)

Vegas was amazing, great to see my friends/wolf pack members from back home for a final blow-out before my return in October, what did we get up to? Not overly sure but I'll give it a go...

Las Vegas is just a bunch of lights and that, really

Thursday - 28th April
Meet up with the lads after a 2 hour bus journey. They were met with comical sign in hand and went and got our rental car, 7 seater beast in the form of a Chevrolet Traverse - this was great fun tearing up the desert roads at sensible speeds...

Desert is just a bunch of sand and sunshine, really

After the 4 hour or so drive, we were ready to taste Vegas, we checked into our awesome hotel suite at the Planet Hollywood Westgate... This place was incredible, 2 bed suite, hot tub, massive projector TV, plus additional TVs everywhere you can think of, kitchens (yes, kitchens) and great view over the strip on the "50th" floor (There are no 4s in hotels due to Chinese superstition, so our hotel lacked 10 floors - no 13th either for obvious reasons)

After the struck of awe had subsided a little we had a few drinks and hit the town, sampling nearby casinos whilst plenty of drinking and gambling...

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