I think I can, I think I can | 11th May 2011 | 19:41 PDT

I am reminded of a highlight of the Getty Center, which I forgot. It was down by the water feature in the main garden and there were a family of duck and their lings.

After a refreshing paddle in the pond the duck family decided to dry off and work on their duck tans, but oh no! A little duckling was having trouble hopping up to the platform to join its duck brothers and duck sisters.

By the power of Duck skull!
This new little duck buddy of mine really struggled and probably started to feel the pressure of the crowds of people looking at him and seeing if he would make it or not.

Moments and moments passed as my new duck buddy was looking and trying as hard as he could get up the ledge, this went on slightly longer than was comfortable...

You'd hoped that he didn't tire himself out and die right there in front of everyone and this lifeless duck floating in the current of the fountain slowly decaying.


He made it! As soon as he did, everyone looking let out a little cheer and a few claps were heard over the silence of suspense!

Well done duck buddy!!

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