Award winning crap | 14th May 2011 | 15:22 PDT

When I first got here to these here parts of California, I was recommended Jinky's as a great place to go and have breakfast. Today was that day I would go and have a lovely breakfast! I had just witnessed a crappy FA cup final and wanted to unwind and enjoy a diner/café, that wasn't a Starbucks.

I think I'm going to have to hunt down and bash these people who advocated that this was the best place to get breakfast with a parking meter.

Place of disgrace (via

The seats - General comfort levels, equalled that of sitting on shopping trolley whilst landing in a canyon.
The food - Vile and bland, It looked like sun baked rubber next to a bird colony and tasted like the most boring grey imaginable.
  -  It was greasy - their toast was so wet from grease that the bottom side resembled bread again.
  -  It was dry - my mouth felt liked had I continued to eat this, I'd have to funnel in olive oil to reopen it again.
  -  Their coffee - like black water with soapy foam in top.

Last award won in 1997, probably cost them a lot to gain that (via

And this crap is meant to be award winning!

Thing is with American diners, is that you forgive their under par, unhealthy food because their service and atmosphere more than makes up for it, I got in just before the morning rush and it was a peaceful atmosphere but the service was SHIT.

My server didn't give a crap about what I was ordering, nor actually delivering it to my table, didn't checking if everything was alright whilst I was eating it. The only bit of reasonable service I recieved was 2 seconds after I put my fork down to finish and a bill landed on my table with 18% tip already added on.

FUCK YOU, I thought screamed in my head. I paid for food and no tip and left disgusted with a bad taste in my mouth.

On my way back to the house, I stopped by the Apple store to play on an iPad 2, and in its Memo application I idly wrote "Jinky's is the worst place to eat, ever!" and left it for all to see.

I checked it again on Friday 21st May out of curiosity and was greeted by 4 other messages of agreement in that same memo

"I second this statement"
"You're right it is awful, whoever wrote this"
"Horrible experience and food, everyone must avoid"
"Hello. I am writing my name on an iPad 2, it is great fun and so easy to type with"

OK, so that last one probably wasn't a review, but it's nice to hear/read I'm not alone with this.

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