Just another day in Paradise | 15th May 2011 | 19:20

It hadn't started out to be one of those life changing, eye-opening kind of days, but what day really does? It all started at 7am watching a 10k race on Ocean Ave. cheering on the runners, then meeting up with some friends to watch football at the pub. The afternoon is where it got a bit weird, I was walking down the Promenade and this guy comes up to me and asks.

"I've been watching you (yeah, creepy) - and this may seem a weird question, you're not an actor or model are you?"
"Oh ok, is it something you'd ever thought of doing?"
"Err, yeah, I guess..."
"Great, I run an agency and there's a huge demand for 'your look'"
"Generic brown hair'd guy with glasses?"
"No, no, no! Not at all, you're like if Woody Allen and a super model had a love child, you'd be it"
"Haha, yeah right - but thanks"

My stage name will be "Your Name Here" (via seo-writer.com)
Anyway... we chatted for about an hour and walked to his office to do some screen shots and do a quick acting lesson

Reviewing the playback - he was impressed "You look like James Franco's younger brother (No Henry, that doesn't make you James Franco) - if you just relaxed and worked on your memory (I couldn't remember my lines) you could be really bookable, it's a shame you don't have papers, I could book you with many auditions"
"I find you very interesting, you write, you can act, you're funny, you're intelligent, you can be a real somebody"
He then wrote me a list of books to read and want me to decide this week if it's something I really would want to do...

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