Maratorment | 17th May 2011 | 13:25 PDT

Sunday morning got me involved in the Santa Monica heal the bay charity marathon (writing about this now as today has been slow) now...
By marathon - I mean 10k (I think)
By involved - I mean observing

It was 7ish in the morning with a cool breeze wandering aimlessly off the ocean, the clouds were grey but light in a way they do when you know once the sun had got into gear. would be a glorious day and there... in front of me... the biggest crowd of miserable, down trodden, unhappy runners.

Everyone of them (except for the few obligatory easy-to-please children) had a face of regret and self loathing, a seconds stare is all you could bare. Any longer and you'd risk making eye contact and start feeling their pain, the only way out would be to politely putting the public announcement system through their pancreas, just to put them out of misery, like a lame horse.

This is why I don't like charities and their uplifting events. It's a burden on everyone, I'd rather open my wallet, stick it on the roof of my car and drive for 23 and a bit miles, and any charity executives that are still chasing me after that, then they can have my donation.

Though seeing those runners on the edge of their will to live, did cheer me up, so it was uplifting in that way, but I'm not going to save a starving child, tortured animal cause of my good mood, I'm going to use it to get the ladies, because they like a guy in a good mood! heh heh...

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