Consumed by Art | 19th May 2011 | 23:50 PDT

Tonight, I went to Consuming The Arts, an evening of artistic expression with the aim to help others to find art via tour. Last time I wrote about this I waffled on for ages so ill just break it down more simplerer... 

It was like this, but with real people (via

Film "We Genie: Rezoning" - Super short animation, didn't get it, too short, not sure why it exists.
Play "Big Kid" - Nice eye opening piece about teaching and two different souls relating, great stuff.
Poetry by Jacole Kitchen - Just brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
Film "Bed Heads" - Amusing, comic inspired short about a couple having pillow tangent chat of bizarre proportions
Music by Samantha Yonack - Great acoustic set with some exceptionally fantastic songs and a nice on stage chemistry with guitarist Jim Hanft
Film "No More Waiting" - Amusing music video about the realities of the man's failings at romance.
Play "Piece of Them" - The highlight of the night, a super powerful piece of dividing up parents inheritance. So exceptional the trails of emotional lingered for the rest of the night, extraordinary writing and acting.

Live art. It's grand!

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