Now everyone say "ahhh!" | 27th May 2011 | 20:13 PDT

Sunsets. Aren't they great?

Oi shitbag, you better agree this is great!

As I'm a big fan of them, I've seen many many sunsets here - it's one of my routinely things I try to do everyday at Palisades Park, and you start to notice the regulars like me that do the same - turn up and watch this round yellow thing in the sky until it hides behind the mountains and fucks off to Japan and Europe.

One set of locals I see and spoke to today were an elderly couple who had been married many many years, and they always come to Palisades Park if they can and watch the sunset together and always kiss when the top of the sun goes behind the mountains, they say this is their secret for being married for so long and not killed each other, as all arguments are forgotten and all worries disappear when the sun does.

I thought that this was an uplifting end to the week. How sickeningly romantic.

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