Amnesia is best left forgotten | 24th May 2011 | 13:50 PDT

Reviewing back over my posts, my Friday the 13th post is a bit sparse with... anything - there is a very good reason for that. I can't for the life of me remember what I did that day.

It feels like, that Friday had been captured by body day snatchers, tortured, interrogated, sexually abused and then released back into the wild civilisation with amnesia brought on by post-traumatic bad-shit-happened syndrome.

I'm pretty sure, it wasn't this bad (
 The very essence of the day, has disappeared into the vapour of nothingness where only vague, faded mind-photos exist of things completely irrelevant with the memory I am trying to recollect, that uncontrollably thinking of them only hinders the recovery, than it helps.

I could've done something awful that day, accidentally thrown a baby over a cliff, mistaken a tourist for a terrorist and called 911, robbed a bank full of disabled veterans and their money, punched a kitten.... Then again, I could've done something wonderful and great! Things like solved all the world's diseases, pollution, troubles, food shortages, etc. etc. stumbled on fission energy production, learnt how to tap dance, punched a kitten.

YARRRRR had it coming either way kitty (via
All in that one day and yet, I'd have no idea I possess such great talent as I would have forgotten how to re-create those moments. I could be a demi-god and not know it. Oh, there is one way to find out. Good old Twitter shining a light on the foggiest of memories... huh, well, it's close to what I thought I actually did, I guess.

It would appear, I got a burger with a friend and that's it, that is all I accomplished with that day, nothing else... I hate remembering the realities sometimes.

PS: The burger was from Umami and it was f-king fantastic!

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