Vegas: Part III | 3rd May 2011 | 14:55 PDT

Saturday - 30th April

Kicked off proceedings with a litre can of beer and a daylight exploration of the strip towards the stratosphere places like Venetian, Wynn, Mirage, Paris and everywhere in between.

Giant mutant butterfly of the Bellagio can cocoon a creature in seconds

The night kicked and as we like to stay classy and suave and that nothing says class, cool and chic like Hooters that's where we went to sample is visual offerings and delights it has given us to this great planet, Earth.

Next up, was a bar within THEhotel at Mandalay Bar called Mix, placed right on the top floor - this place had a great vibe and a great view only to be ruined by super-expensive drinks and moody incompetent staff that couldn't get an order right if it was already placed numerically. Twice they got our order wrong, and the first time they got it wrong, the guy poured his mistake down the drain and walked off when we questioned why he was a fucking moron that could look at a bottle and pour its substance, sorry, when we questioned politely that the order was wrong.

View from THEhotel's bar, Mix - Trés bon, non?

Anyway, we got over it, danced a bit, drank a bit more wrong ordered drinks and proceeded to accidentally lose a member of our wolf pack, we bumped in to many interesting characters at THEhotel, I was long gone by the time all this happened so God knows what was said, all I can recollect was the word "interesting" from that part of the night.

We marched/walked/stumbled to New York New York only to proceed to march/walk/stumble out again and some how ended up back at Hooters where we stayed for most of the night as my mates was having a blinder of a game on roulette only to be so drunk they bet off most of their generous winning profit. I'm the unluckiest guy at roulette so I killed my time shooting the slots winning $35 or so from a $1 bet.

It was getting late on and a member of the wolf pack had fallen short on roulette and was hungry, next to us was some advertising for Hooters wings for 25c - we put the two together and decided to go along with it. In order for us to get into this special offer only available between midnight and 6am we had to become a member of their Owl Reward Club, fair deal it was free.

After our short interview/registration process we were in the Executive Member of Hooters Society and our fellow members were awaiting in the restaurant to congratulate, praise and high five us, shouting out our names and calling us heroes, Obama and Hasselhoff asking for our signatures - that's how I remember it anyway.

What a most beautiful sight to see

We inhaled a few beers and 20 buttery wings and left Hooters at sunrise, we walked back to our hotel via meeting a few stray Americans and shooting the breeze over a drink with a stray Canadian.

Around 6am we made it back to the room, lost wolf member was found on the sofa curled up, we had so much buzz and adrenaline from the night's morning that my mate had to calm down by drinking a bowl of rum.

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