Malibu... Yeah... Malibu... | 25th May 2011 | 16:38 PDT

Today, I went to Malibu - and that is really all I have to say on the matter.

There's nothing there, some celebrities live there, there are some big houses (behind the bigger fences) the beach is a beach like any others, the water is cleaner than it is back in LA but that's about it, there's no where to go, nothing to see, just nothing... It's like a rich person's suburban motorway stop over to fill up on gas and get the hell out of there.

Welcome to Malibu! Now get out!

There was one nice area, a walk in some desert park on Point Dume which lies on the most southerly tip of Malibu, there's a sandy trail up the top of the peak where you can look over the amazing 360 degree vista of the ocean rising up to the to mountains and back down again, take a trip down into Dume Cove and quiet sandy area with a boat and rock pools to enjoy pointless wildlife that die when they get touched.

Sailing not really Boats'o simple

I spent 5 miles walking around trying to find something of any real interest, and failed. I could've cut the whole trip down to about 20 minutes had I stayed on the bus that runs through Malibu and back again to Santa Monica. Saying that in Eastern Malibu, there's a pier and a small seemingly newly built area with some arty stuff, park, few shops, museum and a pier which I may go back to have a look at and maybe redeem this whole experience.

Beaches to the left of me

Beach to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you...

Though seems to be a running theme with recommendations from the locals that they all seem to be rubbish at recommending things, I'm best off going it alone without anyone, you hear me? ANYONE!!

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