Market Murderers | 18th May 2011 | 17:04 PDT

Wednesdays and Saturdays are the local market days in Santa Monica and it's pleasant, they close down a few streets and people come together harmoniously... except they're all murders, except the odd war veteran, looking to grab a dollar off you.


This was meant to be a hard hitting eye-opening article about how much water Los Angeles uses (more than 8 other big cities in the united states. including New York, Denver, Seattle... combined)

How Lake Mead's water level in decline would mean it could render the Hoover Dam unusable by the end of 2012.

That the Hoover Dam was funded by Los Angeles to cope with their water needs

That Las Vegas was an offshoot from that construction and that Nevada is the only state without water that is can use... As other states on the Colorado River each have a claim to the water.

And that farming is to blame (because watering crops in a desert is silly was to waste water) - which is why farmers are killing LA and Vegas and market places are full of murderers.

But I forgot all that cause I left it so long to write this and didn't take notes...


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