My Journey to the Advancement of Knowledge | 6th May 2011 | 15:58 PDT

I'm currently at the Conservatory of Coffee in Culver City supping on the most delightful mocha I've ever tasted, called a Mexican Mocha, not sure what's in it, but I like it. This place is very cool relaxed, very brown and something like an upscale market selling various assortments of tea and coffee, if this place had wi-fi and wasn't a freaking age from Santa Monica, I'd live here.

I passed this placed 3 times before I realised this is where I needed to be

I'm also mentally mulling over the musings I've just seen at The Museum of Jurassic Technology, it's difficult to explain this place, the introductory video tried, but it sounds so pretentious and hippie-like that I got lost, from what I can gather it's a collection of leftovers of other natural history collections that had been forgotten over the ages of time. It's super dark in here and hard to see some of the exhibits and their information but from what I could see, It covered a big breadth of subjects and things including...

Astronomy in California
in the 1900s and world's biggest telescope at the time that published all its findings as was a public success by but also raised concern by religious groups to let the universe be a mystery.

Disgruntled man doesn't like scientists looking up under the robes of the big man in the sky

Romanian Opera Singers
No idea on any information as this room was pitch black with unlit black and white photos

Obliscence Theory of Forgetting and the Problem of Matter
A 3D visualisation of memory and how over time events get forgotten, the processes behind it. The flat surface is the event it's angle depends on the significance of the event (steeper, it's easily forgettable. flatter, harder to forget) and it passes through the cone of memory from right-to-left, the cone represents when the memory is created at the bottom to the tip is where the memory becomes forgotten.

Bet, you've forgotten what this is already

Stage Design
teaches the mechanical elements of stage design, changing and sound, covering how to create turbulent waves, strong winds and turning a man into a rock (but not back again)

Logic Alphabet
"The logic alphabet constitutes an iconic set of symbols that systematically represents the sixteen possible binary truth functions of logic." (Extract from Wikipedia - as I didn't get it)

Cat's Cradle
Linked to ancient times in order to conjure up spirits and has some sort of voodoo (or similar) links to it's past. A story goes a boy was playing with some string, creating shapes out of it and the spirit of a cat came into the room and pulled out his own intestines to play along with the child. The mother rushed in and took the string from the boy and proceeded to create different shapes with the string to chase the spirit out the room) this is because if a boy plays Cat's Cradle their fingers will be chopped off when they go out to fish as a man, only girls may play Cat's Cradle and therefore control the spirits it conjures up. (yes, this was the spookiest room I went in which is why I remember it so vividly)

Soviet Dogs
A dark room with candles where you could spare a few thought in silence to the Russian soviet dogs that were shot up into space and never returned.

Fido chased Apollo 13 out the driveway and into space
Tiny Art
A collection of micro mosaics on discs and little sculptures on pins - this collection made me do a expletive, I was that impressed.

Pin head! - haha! - *Sigh*

Learn the ways how and why putting a living duck's bill in your mouth would cure things like childhood thrush and throat problems (the cool air the duck exhales) and two mice on toast, fur and all would cure bed-wetting (probably because it's so vile you wouldn't wet the bed to get that dish again) and hair of the dog put on a dog bite would stop infections and heal it quicker.

When a child accidentally sneezed, the duck whistle was born
The first examples of three dimensional photography and radiographs of flowers

Rose and Aphid with motion blurred applied

Someone's collection of dead dice, the reason for collecting the series of busted of dice wasn't really made clear but the voice over briefly went over the "story behind the dice, their luck, people's reliance on them in situations" and "these dice had run out of luck"

Dead die that caught death

Trailer Parks
History of the trailer/caravan and a few things found on campsite... No, I don't get this one either

Works of Athanasius Kircher
A 17th century German Jesuit scholar. some works include:
Magnets Oracles, glass visualisation of magnets and their power, and applied to the sun and using it to create stationary satellites
The Tower of Babel: Disproving it's existence/ever being created
A Botanical Clock: The magnetic relationship between the sun and vegetables
Subterranean Waters and Subterranean Fires: The combination of Earth's safety valves (volcanoes) honeycomb of water and the winds were all responsible for all weather and geological events.

All in all, this place was incredible to spend a few hours surrounded by a random, definitely appealed to me and my tastes. This is what museums should be all about.

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