Vegas: Part IV | 3rd May 2011 | 15:20 PDT

Sunday - May 1st

Waking up very late/early afternoon, we needed to get the revs going in our engines and determine whether we'd all experience a hangover or just suffering from extreme tiredness.

Urghhhh, I hate every beautiful day

The cure and way to find out? Denny's! Massive plates of processed substances formed together into the shape of familiar looking foodstuffs, yum!

My plate of "food" took, what felt like an hour, to chew and swallow and the majority of that time was spent looking greyly at what was in front of me on my plate and what it really was, as well as looking out the window trying to comprehend why Mario and Luigi, Homer Simpson and Minnie Mouse were walking back and fourth in front of Denny's - It felt they were trying to taunt me in some way.

Walking around the strip not really feeling up up for exerting any energy, we hit the poolside to recoup and a beer and Snickers later we were back, ready to live again!

Up and down Water
The night brought us Bellagio fountains, massive steaks and a trip to the Imperial Palace to gamble one last flurry with some celebrity lookalikes - but I wasn't sure what famous people they were meant to be as they all looked like very plain people with a bit of make up and a hat on. Not. Very. Good.

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