Simmer Down from Sunrise-to-Sunset | 20th May 2011 | 18:03 PDT

After spending the last few days what feels like being housed up and segregated from the open world doing video editing, which is probably the most unrewarding piece of work you can do, purely for the fact its never perfect and there's always that one piece extra to add to it. Multiply that by 10 when it's for yourself and the footage is of yourself. purely cringe worthy.

I hate looking at myself on camera, the expressions I stole from other actors don't look like how they should and the way I sound is like a low rumble of a hummer on 4x4 tires and not the high and whiny voice in my head...

I've left the work womb and entered the real world! Only to be greeted with someone having the same prescription sunglasses as me and yelling "Haha, You went to specsavers!"

My sentiments exactly (via
 ... Maybe there's more refining to do on that video, for the next 365 days.

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